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Put a bunch of work into the Jepsen docker-compose setup, and I'm pleased to report it now gives you a full Debian Buster cluster with keys and dependencies out of the box--should be good for running the latest tests. Hopefully this helps!

Do you use Cassandra or another CQL-compatible database? I'd like to hear your perspective on adding things to a CQL set:

A bug in Jepsen: from versions 0.1.2 to 0.2.0, the counter checker docstring incorrectly claimed to handle decrements, which could cause valid histories to be reported as failures. This did not affect official Jepsen reports, but other counter tests using decrements may have been affected:

@rior I'm... hoping not to have to redo my entire deployment scheme every 2 years but this appears to be the hellscape we're headed into

mostly it's like

I KNOW AppEngine Flex's problems. What I *don't* know is how GKE is going to ruin my life.

Love this thing where Google Cloud decides that has been stable for a while and it really ought to do something about that, so it kills the VM and spins up a new one to replace it only *after* it's dead, resulting in ~10 minutes of spurious downtime.

It's been doing this for ~two years, COME ON Google, y'all are supposed to be experts at rollouts. Start new nodes *before* you kill existing ones!

Did an interview with Tobias Macey talking about Jepsen's design, software verification in general, and the distributed database landscape:

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Reminder: The @jepsen_io Quarantine DB Talk featuring Kyle Kingsbury (@aphyr) is next Monday July 27 @ 4:30pm ET. Video will be live and uncut for the public over Zoom. All are welcome to join.

@rior Yeah, students have gotten in touch from time to time, but none of them have started the actual thesis yet to my knowledge. Sometimes academics just... pass off a bunch of Jepsen work as their own too, that's fun. ;-)

@rior I mean, I don't blame them: this work is kind of exhausting, haha. I don't think many people wake up and think "yeah I really wanna take the next six weeks of vacation to dig into obscure papers and MySQL isolation behavior"

@rior I mean, in theory yeah, it's very parallelizable. But in practice... the tools have been free for seven years, and few people are doing Jepsen stuff independently. Mostly it's at specific vendors, and the rigor of their test suites varies wildly.

@rior Yeah, that's about about 10 minutes of work on a typical contract. That's not to say it's not a meaningful and good amount of money, it's just... it wouldn't let me do anything I can't *already* offer for free. My limits are time, energy, emotional bandwidth, not funds right now.

I'm very cognizant that this is an extremely privileged position to be in--it has only been this way for a short time, and that calculus could change.

@rior The problem is that like... when people talk about donations they usually mean $5 or 10/mo. Jepsen's standard contract rate is four orders of magnitude higher than that.

@rior I'm serious about Jepsen's independence, and do my best to be rigorous regardless of funding, but there could be subconscious influences there. This is also why I don't accept equity compensation--trying to keep conflicts to a minimum. If I offer voting on "pro-bono" analyses in exchange for sponsorship, then that introduces a direct conflict.

Anyway, if you have strong feelings, drop em here.

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