Ah--a small clarification here! We found two issues in the raw Radix DLT ledger API. #8 involved transactions appearing in the raw txn log, then being immediately replaced by different txns. #10 involved nodes confirming then forgetting txns when many nodes crashed at once.
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@JackRNewhouse @a_vaunt The transaction logging was problematic but the actual ledger was and is fine AFAICT.

Transaction loss in the underlying ledger system was definitely caused by basically the core ledger opted not to wait for data to be flushed to disk before saying "Got it!". We never figured out #8, but I wasn't able to reproduce it in 655dad3.

#8 wasn't easy to find in the first place, which means it's hard to be *super* confident in it being fixed without a clear explanation for its cause. BDB durability might have been related, but sometimes errors like this are just masked, rather than fixed, by timing changes.

Also, like... if y'all have questions about these results, ask! Here to help.

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