New Jepsen analysis: we worked with Redis Labs to evaluate Redis-Raft, a new, still-under-development approach to Redis replication, and found 21 issues, 20 of which have been fixed in recent builds.

There are a ton of neat bugs here, including infinite loops, total data loss on failover, servers sending responses to the wrong clients, and all kinds of crashes. None should have affected production users; Redis-Raft wasn't public until May, and GA isn't until 2021.

Redis-Raft is really cool, because of the existing Redis replication strategies (Sentinel, Cluster, Enterprise, CRDT), all of them can lose updates during partitions.


Right now Redis makes a great cache, lossy message bus, and scratchpad, but you have to plan on data loss. Redis-Raft should hopefully change that by offering strict serializability, and from our testing, it looks like they're on track. Watch for GA next year!

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@jepsen Does this make redis a better distributed durable kv store, or are alternatives like foundationdb still better for simple durable kv use?

@rior I wouldn't use it *yet*--it's still in early development. But yeah, once this solidifies, there's no reason it shouldn't be comparable to etcd/consul as a distributed in-memory data structure server, with richer datatypes. I wouldn't compare it to something like FoundationDB, unless your entire dataset fits in memory.

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