By popular demand, here's a quick take on MongoDB 4.2.6's transaction system. There are CHARTS, there are GRAPHS, okay it's mostly CHARTS OF GRAPHS but they're really cool anomalies and I hope you enjoy them.


tl;dr: MongoDB 4.2.6's transactions aren't full ACID, or even snapshot isolated. We found read skew, cyclic information flow, and internal inconsistencies, including transactions which could read their own writes from the future. Ooooh, spooooky!

Also transactions are allowed to lose data & read uncommitted, possibly impossible states by default, because why would you *not* want that behavior from something called a transaction. This was already documented, but I found it surprising!

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Also the `snapshot` read concern doesn't actually give you snapshot reads unless you commit with write concern `majority`, and apparently this is... by design? Even for read-only transactions? I have questions!

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